Sponsorship opportunities will give advertising and image benefits to companies such as Costa, Virgin Gyms. In return for offering Newstarts free daily coffee or gym membership such companies would gain huge community feel-good publicity.

Each centre’s recreational area would have pool tables, dart boards and soft drink machines. Music facilities would attract both Newstarts and other youths from street gang cultures before they are arrested. Whilst daytime activities are strictly supervised, evenings and weekends allow the Newstart to interact away from the old street culture. Free snacks, a pittance of the cost of imprisonment, would help make being a Newstart a cool thing.

Most costly funded charities have no detailed accountability of their exact results. NEWSTART would be financially controlled with everything countersigned by an approved firm of accountants. Previously colossal grants were allocated where scheme leaders had total control of where the money was spent. With financial transparent control, the exact cost of rehabilitating each re-offender can be monitored.

Newstart is a hands on approach to win the respect of the young criminal fraternity coercing them to visit our centres to meet other kids who have turned their lives around. It’s not the stealing we have to understand, it’s why they steal. When we understand that we can begin to steer them in a different direction.

NEWSTART  is achievable if we want to achieve it!